2 Long awaited outdoor lights have arrived

2 Long awaited outdoor lights have arrived

We had heaps of requests for these recently and we are really happy to announce that we have 2 new lights arriving and one of them is now our favourite light.


The Hue Appear Wall Light

Hue appear wall light

Shipments of the Hue Appear outdoor up/down wall light is finally about to arrive here in Australia.

This modern design wall lamp complements the range really well and is a great option if the impress wall lantern is not what you are looking for.

Find out more here 


The Hue Amarant Outdoor Light Bar

Amarant light bar

One of our favourite designs, the amarant lightbar is replacing the outdoor lightstrips. This amazing light can bathe huge areas of your garden in light and like the rest of the low voltage outdoor lights you can install yourself and connect more of them together.

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