About Us

E-Boutiqs Pty Ltd. is an Australian-owned company based in Sydney, NSW. The company hosts online stores for a variety of products and markets to the Australian consumer and business community.

The Company ABN is 76165339300.

Simply-LEDS.com.au that you have visited today is one of these E-Boutiqs shops, exclusive Philips LED Lighting Innovation.

At Simply-LEDs.com.au we provide an easy shopping experience, guiding you through the “maze” of technical jargon and avoiding traditional retail hazzles. No traffic or parking issues, manufacturer "speak" or dodgey products! We want to help you change your light bulbs and save on your electricity!

We will provide regular news updates on LED technology and issue price alerts when we see a bargain for you. We can help you in picking the right LED equivalent to your existing lights. Being an Authorised Philips Online Reseller means that you don't have to pay for retail rents or flush office space.

Promoting the use of LED lighting helps all Australians to lower their power bills, enjoy long-lasting product life (LED bulbs have a 15+ year lifespan) and reduced the use of hazardous materials in our environment (no Mercury or Lead used anymore).