Philips Hue Outdoor Extension Cable Package
Philips Hue Outdoor Lighting Extension Cable Installation

Philips Hue Outdoor Extension Cable - 5m

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This extension cable can be used to extend the space between the power supply and your first light point or to extend the space between light points. Total maximum system length per power supply is 35 meters (7 x 5m extensions).

Hue Outdoor range if lights can easily be installed (no electrician required). Bring light to dark paths, highlights your garden features or create a unique ambiance on your deck or perimeter. You can do it yourself, using Hue Lily spotlights, Hue Calla Bollards or the Hue Outdoor lightstrips. All outdoor products are based on low voltage and weatherproof. No more complexity to get outdoor lighting going! They connect to your indoor Hue Bridge.

Why Buy Philips Hue LED Lights & Globes?

Simply-LEDs has chosen Philips as the strategic partner due to Philips market leadership in Lighting Innovation and its corporate vision to impact the lives of 3 billion people for the better by 2025.
Headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands employs over 100,000 people in 60 countries and focuses on Consumer Lifestyle, Lighting and Healthcare. The company has a 123-year engineering heritage. Philips brought light to the world, entertained the masses through its consumer electronics products and impacts lives through its Healthcare products.
Philips is the largest manufacturer of lighting in the world (by revenue). On-going innovation in the field of LED Innovation has helped to make LED more affordable; Offering Hue, MR16, MR11, Tubes, Bayonet & Screw globes that fit into existing sockets and most importantly produce energy-savings of over 80% compared to incandescent bulbs.
All our products sold to you are supplied by Philips Australia, meeting Australian safety standards and ensuring the quality that everyone is looking for in an LED Light Globe to ensure the globe lasts for years to come